Oh, you Workout huh?

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Calling all athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts! Whether you are at the gym at 5am every morning before work, training at a professional level for your next competition, running a marathon or at a weekend yoga retreat; you already know that hydration is a crucial part of all your workout routines. The body needs water at all stages of exercise because without it, the depletion of energy and strength, along with eventual cramping and muscle soreness is inevitable. Not to mention that the body healing is a real struggle when you are pushing your body to its limits during your workouts. 

For optimal pre-workout hydration, the body needs seventeen to twenty ounces of water two to three hours prior to exercising. Then approximately seven to ten ounces every ten to twenty minutes during your workout. And finally, about eight to ten ounces of rehydration, no more than thirty minutes after you’re done working out. This is important but these guidelines also raise the question; is all water equal? Will just any water be enough to hydrate and revitalize the body? The answer is evident when you look at what makes up SKN H2O. 

Whereas any and all water will help hydrate the body. It is SKN H2O, infused with Resveratrol that will give the body the antioxidant infusion that it needs to combat free radical damage and aid with pre- and post-better recovery. In simple terms, this means that SKN H2O is a more efficient way to hydrate because it has the added benefit of the plant compound Resveratrol that not only replenishes the body but repairs it at a faster rate due to its antioxidant properties.

In terms of better recovery, let’s move the focus over to body healing for a minute. After a workout, the body is depleted. Rehydration helps lower body temperature and heart rate, lubricate joints, repair muscles, ward off muscle cramps, ease fatigue and keeps the digestion process working properly. Drinking plenty of water can help flush out the toxins from the body and prevent dehydration-which can make muscle soreness even more painful. Having a faster and ultimately a better recovery, means that you will be able to exercise again sooner and that equates to better physical results every time. 

It is important to note that it is the use of the antioxidant compound Resveratrol in SKN H2O that is the added ingredient that can help athletes and active life stylers reduce their recovery time, decrease inflammation, and even restore mobility after a workout. There is significant research that shows that an antioxidant like Resveratrol can mean the difference between typical results and complete hydration, better recovery and ultimately, advanced body healing after exercise. 

SKN H2O is a complete hydration system that enables body healing to happen faster and more efficiently. With all the benefits of Resveratrol and the overall hydration of our premium sparkling water, it is clear that making SKN H2O an essential part of your active lifestyle is not only a healthy choice but the best choice. So, let’s all raise a can of SKN H2O and drink to our health, hydration and better recovery after working out, thanks to SKN H2O.

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